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2023 Annual General Meeting - President's Report

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Dear Women in Finance Community,

After a tricky couple of years prior 2022-2023 saw us move more confidently into our strategic ambitions with the support our dedicated Committee and growing member base.

Our vision and purpose continues in advocacy to see our members inspired by one-on-one conversations through networking, as well as group presentations that celebrate and recognise the best of our sector. As we challenge ourselves to lean-forward we aspire to engage within and beyond our sector for intersectionality, and be more mindful of ESG opportunities and challenges.

With this in mind our 2022-2023 year started with our Educate event at Victoria Park, where a panel of industry experts, Claire Ibrahim, Brendan Herriott and Zhinus Etehad, talked about Climate Change and the Future of Work – such a great topic as this continues to be challenged daily in what feels like an ever faster and expectant working environment.

We networked together for End of Financial year at Leonards and Dawn, and then in October hosted our Inspire event with The Honourable Julie Bishop, where it we saw an at capacity sell-out within 3 days for the Emporium Hotel. We welcomed key event sponsors Lander & Rogers and continued in the highly valued Diamond sponsorship alliance of This marquee event, beautifully hosted by our friend Kim Skubris, also successfully raised over $10,000 for our charity partner, Share the Dignity.

In December we wound/wined down 2022 at City Winery with existing and new members. Officially our year ends in February, and as we shouldered into our 2023 year, we have since hosted our International Women’s Day network drinks at Communa Cantina, with over 80 attendees the space was electric with conversation.

This engagement with our community and the success of these events has seen our membership numbers significantly outgrow prior years and provided the opportunity to increase member benefits for with subsidised offerings.

Our strategic planning included improving our member service delivery by raising recognition with re-branding, improving market presence and connectivity through upgrading our web-site and its alliances, while continuing in our member profiles and member newsletters, promoting industry updates as well as member news.

We also said good-bye to some valued committee members as they pursue other endeavours, including Ellie Fordham, Brigid Hall and Zhinus Etehad, and welcomed new committee members in Erin Clark and Aimee West.

We consider 2023 a success and look forward to bringing more of the same into 2024, as we continue to connect our members and community to network, develop and inspire each other.

Donna Kosiek


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