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Updated: Jun 11

President's Report by Donna Kosiek as per the 2022 Women in Finance QLD Annual General Meeting.

Dear Members,

2022 has continued to be a challenging year for our Committee to deliver in the way it had historically to it’s members.

Still, within the period we successfully hosted our Inspire Event at the Emporium, with Anna Bligh as our virtual keynote speaker where approximately 200 guests were in attendance. We followed with an end of year Connect event at City winery which was enjoyed by a number of new faces as we closed out the calendar year and more recently. we hosted our Educate event for 2022 with invited keynote Economist and panel guests speaking to over 50 guests.

We met for our strategy day and determined our Vision and Purpose through an introspective view of who we are, the sectors we covered, the women within these sectors we were looking to engage and serve. And agreed that while continuing in our historical contributions to our sector, we would also seek to partner with ESG minded organisations as we strive to be inclusive and socially progressive. We want our members to walk away from any event feeling inspired by one-on-one conversations and group presentations that celebrate and recognise the best of our sector.

Our committee completed a skills matrix reflection and we recognised our strengths and from here we created sub-committees for Membership, Sponsorship & Events, and Marketing, Finance and Technology. We to further build a committee that can lean into those skills and equitably share activity to achieve it’s goals.

We revisited our purpose statement and agreed that women in Finance Qld seek to connect our members and community to network develop and inspire each other.

These activities have seen us welcome a number of new members looking to join our Executive committee and more recently we have welcomed Lauren Applegate and Zhinus Etihad to our team.

In December we made formal application for Government funding grant to create a mentoring matching platform, and while unsuccessful, future activity in building capability for continued sponsorship and mentoring of our members has formed part of our strategy.

Donna Kosiek


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